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When Scott and Tim met 7 years ago (At a beer festival of all things) their friendship has always involved having a beer in hand


 During the many Melbourne lockdowns back in 2020 the lads found them selves out of work and with an abundance of free time. This led them  to spend time gaining further understanding of the beers they love and how the flavours they enjoy were created.


2 years later , a lot of lockdown beers and working on a dream. The Boys brewing was created.  Focusing on hop driven ales to be enjoyed year round , check out our beer releases here

The Boys Brewing Pub Shoot-37.jpg


The Boys Brewing Pub Shoot-21.jpg

Meet Scott, the mastermind behind the look and feel of The Boys Brewing brand.


Originally from New Zealand, Scott started in the Hotel industry along side Tim, now works day to day in Facilities Management . Having a passion for craft beer and any new brewery in the inner suburbs. Scott will never say no to an afternoon out on the beers 


Favourite beer type : “love a Pale Ale, anything with a great hop aroma I am there. Also not shy of a good west coast IPA".


The Boys Brewing Pub Shoot-6.jpg

Meet Tim our master mind in brewing and keeper of the hops.


Spending the last 6 years in the hospitality industry, Tim doesn't take himself too seriously and enjoys finding and trying new beers. Originally a shire boy from NSW Tim has called Melbourne home for the last 6 years and loves the beer scene Victoria has to offer. 


Favorite beer type: "Anything IPA, whether that be hazy, west coast or something in between".

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